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What to Eat to Prevent Cold and Flu

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Here’s a list of what to eat and drink to help prevent colds and the flu this winter season :

1.) Drink Green Tea: Eating fruits and veggies are one of the best ways to keep germs at bay this winter, as well as drinking green tea. Green tea is the best food source of catechins, which are plant compounds that halt oxidative damage to cells. If you flavor it with fresh pomegranate or ginger, you will add an extra anti-inflammatory nutrient punch!

2.) Make Some Chili: If your chili contains ingredients like garlic, onions, pasta, mushrooms or veggies, you have added immune boosting ingredients that will give you the comfort you crave during chilly winter months.

3.) Use Lots Of Spices: Some immune-supportative spices include tumeric and ginger. Try adding a pinch of cayenne to soups or stir-fries. These spices are traditionally used in cooking to get one’s blood flowing and to promote healthy circulation.

4.) Include a lot of Vitamin C and Healthy Fats into Your Diet: Vitamin C is an extra cold-fighting antioxidant and nuts, like cashews, provide your body with healthy fats.

5.) Protect Yourself with Nutient Rich Foods: You can strenghthen immune cells by eating foods that are nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants like mushrooms. red bell pepper, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, garlic, beans, nuts and whole grains.

Get your house into shape with these easy to follow cleaning habits

Monday, January 16th, 2012

New Year’s resolutions always sound like a great idea when champagne is flowing and friends are asking. But how often do you really stay true to those life altering resolutions for a whole year?

Life’s hectic hustle and bustle often makes maintaining newly promised workouts, diets and routines next to impossible – so why not let The Maids be your coach? Follow these tricks of the trade and watch your cleaning resolutions become habits:

Sink always full and cluttered? Make a habit of emptying the dishwasher before you go to bed. The morning’s dishes can then be put directly into the dishwasher instead of cluttering the sink.

Stop dirt in its tracks. Or at least at the entry rug. Shake rugs outside once a week to reduce the amount of dirt traipsed throughout the house.

Clean the refrigerator handle. It only takes a matter of seconds to wipe the handle with a disinfectant wipe to remove the plethora of bacteria residing on it.

Dry mop hard surface floors with an electrostatic mop. This wonderful tool literally grabs the dirt and dust. If dust is removed from the floor, it won’t be kicked into the air, settling elsewhere.

Microfiber cloths are simple yet highly effective cleaning tools. They attract dust and make chrome sparkle. And they make ceramic cook tops shine! Be sure to use the correct cloth for the job and shop for quality.

Many of us will sweep our New Year’s resolutions under the rug before Valentine’s Day saunters by. Turn these simple steps into cleaning habits that will keep your home looking its best all year long!

Take on one too many resolutions? Give The Maids a call to help, visit to find a location near you.