Why We’re Different

We care about our customers and our employees, AND we can prove it.

Every quarter, our customers have the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback via the independent survey company, Mindshare Technologies (mshare.net).  This feedback can be given on the Internet or on the phone. Our company has consistently received high marks.  We believe this speaks not only to our excellence in customer service but also to our consistency in training our teams.

Good Old-fashioned Customer Service!

We clean better because we clean more in depth; for instance, we keep your ceiling fans and baseboards free of dust. We also use specifically designed equipment and selected supplies.

The owners are present every day and provide personalized one-on-one customer service.  When you call our office, either Joe or Christina will answer the phone and provide the service and attention to detail of you and your home deserve.

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We Clean for Health!

We are the only professional house cleaning company for residential cleaning services throughout the country that specializes exclusively in cleaning for health. Our deep cleaning system, products, and extensive industry experience lets us make your house cleaner and healthier than ever before, providing a safer environment than any other residential cleaning service. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, along with our four-person cleaning teams, environmentally preferred products, state-of-the-art equipment and unique cleaning process provide customers an affordable line of unmatchable home cleaning services. Our house cleaning process removes more contaminants and allergens than conventional cleaning techniques, which is especially beneficial to allergy and asthma sufferers. We don’t just move dirt-we remove it! Unlike others who use typical cleaning tools – dust wands and dust mops – that spread dirt from one place to another, we provide environmentally friendly cleaning services that not only clean your house on the surface, but deep down as well. The Maids’ attention to detail is what homeowners love.

Most homeowners don’t have the extra spare time needed to adequately clean their homes. And spending a few hours cleaning your home by yourself takes away from other priorities in life. That’s where The Maids can help. We not only act as your personal maid service to clean your house for you, but we do it at a competitive price and clean it better than any other cleaning service on the market. We send a four-person cleaning crew to give a thorough, healthy cleaning to every room of your home.

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Contact us today at (303) 282-0141 if you are interested in any of our professional house cleaning services.